Our Mission

We help students progress from high school to university by providing them with the opportunity to demonstrate their ability while receiving the support they need to be successful.  Students take real courses taught by real faculty for real credit on real transcripts. Start college now and begin your journey to success.

Our Vision

We bring students and colleges together.  We help colleges cut through the noise to find students who are ready to succeed and willing to make the effort to do so. AccessMCA students show colleges their capabilities while accelerating their progress towards a degree and a meaningful international career,  reducing risk at every stage of the process.
“A Better Way to College provides students a pathway to their goal with a supportive guide to show them and their families the way to success.  I recommend this program not just for international students but for all students.”
–Raymond Ravaglia, Associate Dean and Director of Pre-Collegiate Studies, Stanford University (ret.)
our team

Meet the People Behind AccessMCA

Robert Bartlett, PhD
President, Michigan Colleges Alliance
Sheila Bauer
CEO, A Better Way to College
Abbey Swanson, Program Manager, AccessMCA
Jacob Keeley, Program Manager, AccessMCA
Tejal Shah, India Office Manager, AccessMCA
A Global Presence

Our International Support Team

Ming Yang Lim, Director, V-Campus Pvt Ltd
Southeast Asia and Middle East
Janette Lim, Ed.D, Director, Opus Academy
Canada and Philippines
Bhavin Shah, Managing Director, AccessMCA Association Schools Program

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