AccessMCA Associate Schools

Studying in another country is a momentous decision for any student to make.  Navigating the confusing, opaque admissions process of most US higher education can be daunting.  AccessMCA eliminates the guesswork.

How We Help

Simplified Admissions
Students submit a simple application and get a rapid response.
Highlighting Student Strengths
Students can prove to themselves, their parents, and the colleges that they can succeed in the work that will be required of them.
Real Courses & Real Credit
Students take real courses, taught by real professors, earning real credit from real colleges.
Jumpstarting Student's International Career
Successful students move seamlessly into their sophomore year. From there, students progress through college and into the world of work.

What to Keep In Mind When Advising Students

AccessMCA is not a foundation program
AccessMCA does not prepare students for college; AccessMCA is college.  Students stay on schedule to earn their degree and start their international career.
AccessMCA can be done during high school
Students in the Scholars Program can maintain a full high school course load while taking one AccessMCA course each semester.  Students completing 6-8 courses will be guaranteed admission and able to enter college as a sophomore, or they can transfer the credit to another college or university.
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Give Your Students an Advantage

Your students are serious about their careers.  AccessMCA is the fast track to an American University Degree leading to an International Career.  
Learn more about AccessMCA and how your school can join the AccessMCA Association School Program.
Associate School Students:
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AccessMCA Associate School Member Benefits

Students have guaranteed admission to AccessMCA and then to MCA colleges and universities
Schools are recognized as AccessMCA Association Schools
School leaders or owner representatives are invited to annual summit in US featuring international education leaders and college and university presidents.
Special programs for younger students
Special onsite program and other benefits
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