The Road to an American University Begins with A  Better Way to College

AccessMCA is a new and better way for students to succeed in and out of college. Join after highschool or start as early as Grade 9.
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AccessMCA is the best way to begin your journey to an American university degree and ultimately an international career.

The Michigan Colleges Alliance, through AccessMCA, provides a better way for students to gain admissions to leading US universities and colleges.  Students will complete a year of university courses through real-time online and residential summer programs taught by MCA faculty. Students are then granted automatic admission with transfer of all their academic credits to the university or college that is their best fit.

AccessMCA is the best way to earn your American college degree and kick-start your international career.

Programs Tailored for International Students

Whether you are done with high school and looking for your next chapter or still in high school and looking to accelerate your education, AccessMCA is the program for you.

The Accelerated Program allows students allows students to complete their first year of university during a single calendar year.  Students in the Accelerated Program continue as sophomores the following year.  The Scholars Program allows students as young as Grade 9 to begin their higher education journey immediately.  A student completing as few as 6 semesters over the four years of high school could complete a first year of university before high school graduation, and could continue to university as a sophomore the following year.

A high school diploma is not a requirement for participation in AccessMCA and we welcome students who would rather enter the accelerated program than spend a final high school year cramming for national exams or another round of boards.


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. Priority is given on a first registered, space available basis.
Real value
All courses are taught by current and recent faculty from MCA universities and colleges and are the same as courses taken by on-campus freshmen.  

All courses earn credit on universities and colleges transcripts.  With AccessMCA you get real courses, real faculty, real credit, and real transcripts.

AccessMCA is the Better Way to College

Guaranteed Admissions
College admissions are confusing and unpredictable without clear reasons for acceptance and rejection.  Newspapers report this is only getting worse, especially for international students.  Eliminate risk and take control of your future.  Successful students are guaranteed admission.
Real Credit for Real Courses
Real Courses, Real Faculty, Real Credit, Real Transcripts. Unlike “foundation programs” which simulate college, ABWC courses are the same courses students take at MCA colleges, taught by the same faculty, with real credit on the college’s transcript.
Gold Standard for Transfer Credit
Advanced Placement and other exams are often disregarded by colleges.  AccessMCA students can transfer work completed to any college they choose to attend, whether an MCA college or not.
Head Start for Your Future
Bypass the end of secondary school and start earning your American college degree, the first step towards your international career.
Get Started
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Program Process

Accelerated Program students complete the entire process over a single year. Scholars Program students complete the process over as many as four years.
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Students apply to AccessMCA programs on a rolling basis throughout the year. Priority is given to students on a first-registered, space available basis. Because success in Access MCA is the true measure of readiness for university, the application is streamlined compared with traditional college applications.

Registration, Placement, and Course Selection

Once admitted, students complete the registration and onboarding process. Students will meet with their academic advisors, discuss placement, discuss course prerequisites, and discuss their program timeline. Students then select their courses from those typically completed by students during their first year at an MCA university or college. Students are also assigned to a success coach and to language and subject-matter courses, as needed.

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Students attend an orientation program before courses start. Orientation programs can be online, locally in person, or at member universities and colleges.  During orientation students meet faculty and each other, learn more about their courses, and what it takes to succeed.

Academic Year

Students in the Accelerated Program will typically take 6-8 courses over two semesters, while students in the Scholars Program will spread their courses over as many as four years. Courses are offered online, featuring real-time video seminars, supplemented by lectures and office hours.   All courses are taught by faculty of the MCA universities and colleges, just as if they were occurring on campus.  Students complete the same assignments, are graded using the same standards, and receive the same credit and transcripts.

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The University and College Match

All students who are successful in their courses will be matched with the best fit university or college and will be able to transfer all courses completed. Students are matched to MCA universities and colleges using a process in which students and colleges both rank order their college preferences after which all students receive their best-fit match.  Matches will occur prior to the final semester so that students can prepare for matriculation. Students who elect to apply to other colleges and universities would do so at this time.

Transition Summer Before Matriculation

The transition summer is divided into 3 parts.

On-campus or online academic programs, as needed, to complete lab work or outstanding projects.
Orientation programs designed to ensure a seamless transition from being online to being an in-person student at university or college.

Students are supported throughout this process with a comprehensive set of services designed to make this transition process as easy as possible.

Matriculation and Sophomore Year

At the end of the transition summer, students matriculate at their match.  This includes completing transfer of credit between member institutions, arranging on-campus housing, and working with advisors to select courses for the new year.  Once these steps are complete students begin life at their new institution.

Ongoing Support

Once students have entered their sophomore year they may elect to continue with Success Services.   Such services are designed to ensure that students progress through to their degree and on into successful international careers.  Services also ensure that the families of students are fully supported throughout their college careers.

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