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Supporting Student Success Beyond Academics

Finding success in university is possible. We help make it easier.

By focusing on each individual student and combining excellence in customer service with research-based approaches to student success, we provide an unparalleled level of support for our students and families.

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Our Coaches Care About Students

Success coach

navigate all aspects of the college experience

All students have a personal success coach who helps them navigate every aspect of the college experience, ensuring that they are successful in their academic courses.  Success coaches can help identify other resources and support students might need, such as language and subject coaches.   Success coaches are available to students throughout their time in the program and can continue to support students after they matriculate at MCA colleges.
Language coach

Overcome Language Barriers

Pursuing university studies in a language different from your mother tongue can be daunting.  Language coaches help students meet the challenges of university coursework in English.
Subject coaches

Keep Courses on Track

Students lacking background or preparation in core academic subjects can access subject coaches who provide additional support and instruction.
Logistics support

Single Logistics Contact

Navigating university bureaucracies can be a challenge for even the most experienced person.  We provide a single point of contact for all services.  Examples include registration, billing, transcripts, and in country travel for students and families.

Ready for Sophomore Year

Building on these levels of coaching and support, students matriculating to sophomore year are ready to succeed.  Continued support ensures that all students become fully immersed in the campus culture and community life.

From College to Career

Services to Help Students Prosper After Graduation

AccessMCA is not just about getting students into college, it is about getting them through college and successfully launched into an international career.