AccessMCA is becoming Access USA.
In order to provide increased opportunities to our students, AccessMCA is adding new member institutions around the USA.  To recognize this expanded reach we are changing our name to Access USA.

Are You Looking For A Better Way To College?

AccessMCA is a unique program designed by premier Michigan Institutions to accelerate admission for International students.

The Member Institutions of the Michigan Colleges Alliance (MCA)

How AccessMCA Works

Guaranteed Admission to an MCA University

1. Successfully complete the first year of accredited undergraduate study through a blended educational experience combining online learning from your home country with optional summers in residence at MCA universities and colleges. Do this in one accelerated year or spread it out over up to four years.

2. Earn guaranteed admission with transfer of your academic credits to the Michigan university or college that is your best fit.

3. Relocate to the US and complete your undergraduate degree in three years.

Want to start earlier and take your time? The AccessMCA Scholars Program lets academically advanced students begin taking college courses as early as Grade 9 and earn guaranteed admission by the time they finish high school.

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Getting Into University

A Better Way To College Admissions

Avoid The Standard Admissions Queue
The standard admissions process is complicated and time consuming. AccessMCA  students apply and get accepted into member colleges with ease.
No SAT or ACT Required
Since testing can be complicated and different countries have different educational systems, we waive the requirement for SAT or ACT testing. All students need to do is complete an application, answer some questions, and then submit a transcript and a letter of recommendation.
Accelerated Decision Timeline
AccessMCA applicants can expect a quick response to their application, usually within 10 days.
Earn your undergraduate degree

Take Courses Taught by MCA Faculty for Credit

Earn your degree from premier universities and colleges, and prepare for a career in fields such as:
Liberal Arts
Biomedical Sciences
Computer Science
Health Services
Biological Sciences
Political Science

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Courses chosen to help give you a solid first year of college.